Welfare is an important part of tasty pork

Our number 1 priority at Anna's, is the welfare of our pigs and to ensure this we only employ people who share our values.

Our entire set up is based on our welfare standards and this is why we produce some free range pigs and some Outdoor Bred pigs which the land available to us and the staff we have dictate. For free range pigs you need the right land but equally as important you need the right staff. We are very lucky to have some outstanding staff members who share our beliefs but they are few and far between out there so if you or anyone you know think you have what it takes and share our values get in touch!

We first introduced pigs into the business to make more direct use of the grain grown on the farm and to put fertility back into the soil. As a result, Anna’s Happy Trotters are fed a balanced and nutritious diet of natural and locally produced ingredients. Our pig feed does not contain any antibiotic growth promoters.

Although most of our pigs are kept outside they all have access to shelter and warm straw bedding. This shelter provides shade from the sun in summer and a nice cosy house in winter. Pigs create a lot of heat so when they all bed down together they’re super snug and warm. All of our accommodation is adaptable so that we can create more ventilation in summer and more heat in winter.

If it gets super hot out there then we can create wallows on the floor for the pigs – they just love it! Pigs cannot sweat so this is the best way for them to cool down by wallowing in glorious mud!

Because we are red tractor assured this means that we have four vet visits per year. These vet visits ensure that our pigs are well and healthy and the vet will be assessing if there are any improvements that we can make to benefit the pigs. Happy, healthy pigs make for better productive pigs so it is in everyone’s interests that they are happy piggies!

We are also Freedom Food Accredited which involves standards set down by the RSPCA. The criteria is based on the “Five Freedoms”:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
2. Freedom from discomfort
3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease
4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
5. Freedom from fear and distress



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