Breeding - Good breeding produces Great Pork!

All of our pigs are bred and born outside. The breeds that we use are a careful mix to ensure they are suitable for outside production, they deliver on taste, and they make good mummies.

Our sows are a Landrace x Duroc. The Landrace means that we produce pigs with a longer loin – the most valuable part of the pig. The Duroc is specific for outdoor production as it has a hardy skin which protects against sunburn in summer and grows a fur to keep warm in Winter. This hardy skin also makes for great crackling!

The Duroc is also well known for its intra muscular fat or “marbling” which of course gives amazing flavour and succulence.

The boar that we use is the Pietrain. He is a very muscular, lean breed which gives lovely big eye muscles on your pork chops.

The lean pietrain counteracts the back fat of the Duroc so that we still have the intramuscular fat for great tasting meat but we don’t have too much back fat on the end product.

What we believe to be perfection, particularly on a plate!


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