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Award Winning Bacon!



We supply carcasses to wholesalers, top class butchers, catering butchers and of course, hog roast companies. We know all of our customers like something a bit different, so you tell us your weight and probe of preference and we will allocate carcasses accordingly.

Weddel Swift can supply our pigs from their Rochdale, Hull and Leeds depots so if you deal with them already, why not ask for a sample of our free range pigs.

James Law at Bacup also supplies the Lancashire area.

The butchers that source our Free Range pigs are provided with Point of Sale material in the form of brochures, recipes, posters, and are listed on our website as stockists.

As well as producing Free Range pigs we also produce Outdoor Bred pigs. Point of Sale material is also available for these under the brand Anna’s Happy Trotters, Yorkshire Outdoor Bred Pork.

Dry Cured Bacon

We have our own on farm facility where we traditionally dry cure our own bacon and gammon. We do all types of bacon – back, streaky, middle, collar, unsmoked, smoked.

We have our own smokers and can produce apple, oak or whiskey wood flavours. We also produce Black Treacle bacon which we traditionally dry cure and then soak in Black Treacle before hanging to give a beautifully sweet flavour.

Our most recent development is our award winning pancetta, cured in a special blend of ingredients for ten days, including Yorkshire sourced red wine, and then hung for ten days.

And let’s not forget our pulled ham. Dry cured shoulder which when cooked (as you would pulled pork) makes for the most incredible taste sensation. Salty, sweet, melt in your mouth deliciousness. Pulled Pork = 2015, and our now famous Pulled Ham = 2016.

We can supply all bacon, gammon and pancetta either in a whole piece or sliced to your desired width.

Bar Coded Retails Sausage Packaging

Processed Pork

We are able to supply ALL cuts of pork, trim and sausages. As I always say, as long as it comes from a pig, we can do it!

We have spent a lot of time getting our sausage recipes right and people rave about them, in particular our Porkshire Terrier using York Brewery’s Yorkshire Terrier beer, and our Pork and Caramelised Onion using Yorkshire Based Bracken Hill Fine Foods Caramelised Onion chutney.

We also now offer a gluten free sausage having spent time perfecting that particular banger. And burgers….who doesn’t love a good burger?!

Just get in touch and ask for a product list to see everything we do. All enquiries welcome, large or small.

Contact Anna  for more information. All enquiries welcome no matter how big or small.

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